Top Three Christmas Gifts for Her

With the festive season on its way very soon, it’s the right time to start looking for something to give to your special lady this Christmas. It can be very hard to find the perfect gift and trawling round the shops can be very difficult for those that are uncertain about what females like to receive. This is why I have put together my top three Christmas gifts for her, to take the hassle out of shopping for the less enthused. These fail safe gifts will have her swooning and if you order in advance you can even buy online and avoid that Christmas Eve panic.

1) Boots

All women love to have a great pair of leather boots for the winter months. The reason footwear are such an easy buy is that you can sneakily check her shoe size, without the worry that you will get it wrong and risk her feeling that you have ‘misjudged’ her size, to put it politely. The Regina boots by Luxury Rebel would be adored by most; they have a small but elegant heel for day wear and have little buckles to give them a bit of style. In a dusky grey they will go with most outfits costing £135.

2) Bags

When looking for a handbag for you lady, check out what styles she already wears to make sure that the one you are coveting matches her taste. In general leather bags from a good designer will usually be a hit as long as you don’t pick anything too tacky or outlandish. Also think about where it will be worn, if she likes to party pick a little clutch or if she’s into shopping something bigger to fit her purchases in would be better. If you need some style advice then the Easy Peasy across body bag is a real classic, that most ladies would find easy to wear and versatile. Go for deep red or purple as black is a little boring.

3) Coats

A slightly risker option for a Christmas present is a coat however, if well thought out this could be a winner. Two classic styles are on trend this season: the trench coat and the parker jacket. If the person you are buying for dresses smartly most of the time go for a classic trench coat, with a belt and double breasted buttons. If they do not dress so smartly all the time go for the classic parka jacket, preferably in black, dark green or brown with a fur trimmed hood. Both coats are wardrobe classics that every woman likes to have.

A final word about shopping for women, if you choose something with timeless style and elegance it is hard to go wrong when trying to impress. Choosing a classic gift will also say something about the way that you view her, a classy person with style. Pay a reasonable price for something as if she doesn’t like it, she can always exchange. No need to worry!


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