Why is it that some things from the past are considered old-fashioned and out-dated whereas others are quirky or retro? There doesn’t seem to be any way of knowing which fad or fashion is going to come round again and which will make a quiet and graceful disappearance. Flared trousers have come around more times than a carousel horse yet dungarees haven’t been acceptable on anyone but children or workmen for years.

But there is something reassuring about seeing our old favourites come back into fashion and reminding ourselves how things were when we were young. Inevitably we tend to conclude that everything was so much better ‘back in the day’ when things were simple and our days were carefree, although it is likely things just seemed simpler when we were children. Whatever the reason, there is something delightfully comforting in reminiscing about the good old days and choosing a gift that will help someone to do that is likely to be greatly appreciated by anyone a little advanced in years. So when you are looking for something fun to spark off great memories, forget traditional and think retro.

One of the sweetest ways to rekindle happy childhood memories is through appealing to the taste buds. Of course most of us still sample sweet things fairly regularly but there is something about the real retro sweets that you just don’t see in the shops anymore that really excites our senses. The bright packaging proudly displaying those familiar but forgotten logos instantly transports us back in time to the days when being able to go to the local shop and buy your own sweets was the height of independence. retro sweet hamper therefore make a fantastic gift for a special birthday, such as a 30th or 40th, when the birthday boy or girl might be feeling a little too mature and in need of a fun and alternative gift to remind them that they will always be young at heart.

Retro Sweet Hamper

If you want to throw the ultimate retro party then a retro sweet hamper is undoubtedly the must have centrepiece. Crammed full of all the old favourites, this delightful box of retro delicacies will make a welcome addition to any gathering or celebration and is sure to get people talking. Throw open the lid and you will find everything from Love Hearts to Flying Saucers and those delicious little Chocolate Mice. A retro sweet hamper is great for sharing and you will find that as the contents fly out, the conversation will flow as everyone begins to recall happy memories and funny stories from their childhood.

So if you are looking for a gift for someone special and want to give them something tasty and unique, then a retro sweet hamper may be just what you are looking for. A great thing about giving a retro sweet hamper is that the lucky recipient is sure to have to share it around, making it much more than just a big box of sweets. By sharing the contents with his or her friends, you can be sure that your thoughtful and tasty gift will bring hours of amusement as memories are shared and tales recounted.

Sweet Old Days

If a full retro sweet hamper is a little too large for your requirements then don’t worry, retro sweets also come in smaller packages that are just as full of fun. Why not pick up a personalised jar of retro sweets with a unique label specially made for the occasion and brighten up someone’s day. You could add a jar of old-school sweets to a themed gift and remind someone of the good old days with a full retro package, perhaps also including some music CDs of old music, old films and perhaps even dig out an old school photo of your friend and have it framed.

Whether you go for a retro sweet hamper or just a few small packets of old fashioned treats, you can be sure that your gift will be really appreciated by anyone with a sweet tooth and a sense of fun. Of course as fun as it is to remember all the good times we had as children we should also try to remember some of the lessons we learned back then too. So when your friend lifts open the lid of his retro sweet hamper or unscrews the cap of the sweeties jar, try to make sure they resist the temptation to eat everything at once and, as well as remembering all the fun times, try to also remember that feeling of having eaten too many sweets at once. Instead, encourage them to share the goodies with friends, neighbours and colleagues and spread the joy of retro sweets.